Hosting a Budget Friendly Labor Day

Labor Day is all about celebrating your hard work, right? Here’s how to plan a great party while saving some of your hard-earned money.

The Guest List

When deciding who to invite and how to spread the word, consider using social media. With the power of technology, there’s no need to spend money on mailing invitations. Between group texts and creating events on social media, your bases will be covered. Let’s face it, cards can get lost in a pile of mail, but sending them an electronic invite will ensure that they see it every time they log in. Bonus – they’ll also be reminded to let you know if they can make it or not!

The Menu

Ask your guests to bring a dish to pass. Lots of people enjoy having an excuse to share their best recipes or try a fun recipe they found online. Plus, everyone can share what they’re bringing on the event page where you sent your invites!

Save money on meat by opting for something like kebabs. Mixing meat and veggies will help stretch your dollar! You can also use the weekly ads to help determine your menu. Take a look at what’s on sale and run with it!

Don’t forget to grab some disposable dinnerware! You can find cheap, festive plates and utensils pretty much anywhere throughout the summer. You’ll sure be glad you did when you aren’t left to wash a ton of dishes when the party is over.

The Venue

Avoid spending money on renting a location and host the party at home. If having the party at your house simply isn’t practical, find a park or picnic area that is free to use. You can also consider teaming up with a friend/family member who may have a better space for hosting.

Don’t stress about entertainment. Grab some summer toys (that are likely on clearance) and scatter them throughout the yard. Beach balls, squirt guns, and sidewalk chalk are pretty inexpensive and the kids will love them. You can also ask friends and family to bring a couple of yard games for the adults if you don’t already have them. Simply connect to your Bluetooth speaker or dig out the boombox for some background noise.

As far as decorating goes, keep it simple. Let your kids be creative and use materials you already have at home.

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