School Supplies on a Budget

It’s hard to believe that we’re already approaching those early bedtimes and even earlier mornings… BACK TO SCHOOL!

It seems like those school supply shopping lists are becoming longer and longer. With those long lists come long receipts and unexpected totals at the checkout. Here are some ways to help cut the costs and cover your bases on a budget:

Don’t fall for the first “sale” you see. Some places take advantage of the fact that everyone is typically shopping for these items at the same time and increase the prices above what they charge the rest of the year. Do your research and find the lowest prices.

Stock up when the time is right. After Labor Day, things are typically running pretty smoothly. Everyone has fallen back into their routines and stores are looking to create room for their holiday merchandise – This means lower prices! Take advantage and stock up on things that you know you’ll need throughout the year.

Avoid paying for a brand name. We all know that things like the latest TV shows and trending celebrities like to stick their brand on everything and see how fast it sells. Sticking to the basics and not buying the same zipper pouch/backpack as the rest of the class is going to save you money.

Stick to the list. Don’t feel pressured to fill your cart with unnecessary items just because they are on sale. While you might feel like you’re saving yourself money, you’re actually spending it on things that will end up in the infamous junk drawer and not in school.

Check your house and try yard sales. You’d be amazed at how many people fall into the trap of buying things simply because they’re on sale. This results in emptying the previously-mentioned junk drawer and selling all of the brand new supplies that have never been used.

Coupons. Keep an eye out in your local ads and subscribe to the store’s mailing list/emails. There are tons of coupons and savings opportunities that you will have access to if you’re willing to spend the extra time reading through them.

Buy online. Simply shopping at one store limits your ability to save. Some sites offer unbelievable savings just by ordering online. Be sure to look for additional savings with free shipping and discounts!

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